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●Made from cast iron, the robust machine base offers working precision and operation stability for a long time.
●The cutter spindle is made from special material and specially processed, characte-rizes by excellent precision, stability and long service life.
●Bearings and electronic components are world-class brands for maximum reliability and safety.
●Working table and reference guide are specially treated, extends the service life, en-sures working accuracy and smooth feeding.
●The table plates exchangeable and adjustable according to the tool cutting circle dia of vertical spindles, improves working stability and accuracy efficiently.
●Divided pressure plate is provided for upper spindle, extending working scope.
●Cutter spindle speed is up to 8000rpm to improve the working precision.
●Centralized lubrication device to lubricate each lubrication point timely.
●Specially designed short workpiece machining device, min working length 240mm in continuous feeding.
●Heavy-duty feeding system is equipped with powerful feeding wheels and positive support rollers with 200mm width, guarantees a smooth feeding and no jamming.
●Powerful feeding system for convenient and fast adjustment.
●Both the last upper and bottom cutter spindle are provided with hydraulic outboard bearing devices, improves the working precision obviously.
●The feeding wheel and the horizontal spindle can be adjusted simultaneously or separately.
●High-power cutter spindle driving motor combined with synchronized belt transmission for a powerful cutting.
●The feeding speed is frequency inverter controlled and can be adjusted from 6m/min to 60m/min.
Item EM623
Working width (tool cutting circle dia 140mm) 20-230mm
Working thickness (tool cutting circle dia 160mm) 8-160mm

Motor power

1st down spindle 11kW
Right spindle 7.5kW
Left spindle 11kW
1st upper spindle 15kW
2nd upper spindle 11kW
2nd down spindle 11kW
Feeding motor 7.5kW
Cutter spindle rotation speed (excluding 1st
upper / down spindle: 7000rpm)
1st down spindle 40(50)mm


1st down spindle 125-180mm
Right vertical spindle 112-250mm
Max. tool cutting circle dia behind
feeding guide
203 mm
Left vertical spindle 112-250mm
Upper spindle 112-250mm
2nd down spindle 112-250mm
Feeding speed, frequency inverter controlled 6-60m/min
n-feed pressure wheel dia 140mm
In-feed pressure wheel width 2X50mm
Pressure wheel width opposite left spindle 2X20;2X14mm
Driven roller size in out-feed table 101X200mm
Max. pressure of feeding wheel 6bar
Adjustment range of infeed table and reference guide 10mm
Adjustment range of vertical spindle (axial) 80mm
Adjustment range of horizontal
spindle (excluding 1st down spindle)
In-feed table length 2.2m
Setting precision of mechanical
digital readout
Machine weight 5300kg
Required suction speed 30-40m/s
Required suction volume 12600m3/h
Machine size 4500X1900X1800
Machine dimension 4700X2100X2000
Table plates exchangeable and adjustable to tool
cutting circle dia of vertical spindles
Linkage movement of upper spindle
and pressure mechanism
Feeding mechanism mechanical adjustment
Lateral pressure wheel pneumatic control
Lateral feeding wheel spring pressed
Table & reference guide chromed,
slotted tables special treated
Enclosure safety electromagnetic locking device
Automatic feeding mechanism
Hand oiler to lubricate in-feed table and
medium table for a longer service life
Hydraulic outboard bearing device
on last upper / down spindle
Hydraulic outboard bearing device on
other horizontal spindles
Grinding device on last upper/ down spindle
left spindle/2nd upper spindle: SIKO
mechanical & magnetic scale digital readout
Tool spindle adjustment system with
electronic digital readout
Feeding wheel opposite left spindle
can be adjusted axially
Double digital readout on left
spindle & upper spindle
Centralized lubrication system
● Standard ○ Optional