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●CNC program control system for convenient & fast operation, features stable and reliable performance.
●Special thin saw blade for high precision and material saving.
●Board jointing can be made directly after material being processed, fewer rejected pieces, less procedures and more profit.
●Spike link chain conveyor ensures easy, smooth and precise material feeding.
●Precise double prism steel guideway provides optimal cutting guide, features perfect precision retentivity and durability.
●The movable saw blade is servo controlled for fast calibration to realize optimal material cutting and maximum yield.
●Feeding rollers pneumatic controlling system. Turn the pressure valve to adjust the feeding pressure conveniently and freely.
●Auto plunger pump provides a force lubrication to the link chain, guideway and other major parts, improves the service life obviously.
●Saw spindle support device guarantees a smooth saw spindle rotation even at high speed and perfect workingprecision.
●Pneumatically controlled movable pressure board ensures a stable pressure and prevents the wood from rebounding, results a perfect cutting.
●Full automatic material handling device and automatic laser marker calibration for optimal material cutting and maximum output.
●Laser marker is servo controlled to correspond with the saw blade position for optimal material cutting.
●The feeding speed can be up to 48m/min, high efficiency.
●Automatic cooling and lubrication system to prevent the saw blade from distorting because of high
temperature due to the saw spindle high speed rotation and avoid saw dust staining on the blades.
●Intelligent optimal control programme enables the machine to work automatically according to the
pre-set width. Optimal cutting and maximum yield is realized.
Item AM7445
Max.cutting width 450mm
Max.outgoing width 800mm
Link chain conveyor width 470mm
Max.cutting thickness when with movable saw blades Φ305mm Φ405mm
   with movable pressure board 50mm 100mm
   without movable pressure board 75mm 125mm
Saw spindle rotation speed 4200rpm 3200rpm
Number of movable blade (fixed) 4(1)pcs
Min. cutting thickness 10mm
Min. cutting length (with pressure board) 750mm
Feeding speed 0-48m/min
Saw blade dia 250-305mm 355-405mm
Saw spindle dia Φ65mm
Saw spindle sleeve dia Φ80mm
Saw spindle motor power 37kW(45、55、75kW optional)
Feeding motor power 3(4)kW
Pressure mechanism elevation motor 0.75kW
Saw spindle lift motor 0.75kW
Machine size 10000×4005×2800mm
Machine weight 5000kg
Dust exit Φ250mm×1
Required suction speed approx30-40m/s
Required suction volume approx7360m3/h
Optimal controlling system
Pneumatic pressure system
Saw spindle electrical adjustment
Pressure mechanism motor-driven elevation
Spike link chain
Bakelite link chain
laser marker for movable blades
Laser marker for fixed blade
Automatic infeed table
Auxiliary outfeed table
Long timber infeed device
Saw blade cooling & lubricating system
movable pressure board
Four rows of anti-kickback fingers
Speed variable auto lubricator
Saw spindle support device
● Standard ○ Optional